Since you've arrived here, you must be a true adventurer, a nature lover and a constant seeker of peace. You'll get to savour these and more in our private village hidden deep in the middle of wilderness. Far from the urban hustle, we are surrounded by a thick forest with wild roaming animals and adventurous hiking paths.
In a spectacular countryside landscape with countless natural wonders and breath-taking views, this is the best place to begin your Transylvanian journey.

Take one step on the mysterious lands of


and you will be charmed...

Raven's Nest is a private mountain retreat inspired by the old legends, traditions and long-standing Transylvanian customs. For a complete and authentic experience, we have entirely refurbished centuries old houses and turned them into a peaceful hideout. We reinvented archaic recipes into spectacular dishes that pair up perfectly with the Transylvanian premium wines and artisanal beers.
Adventure, recreation and amazing views can all be savoured up here, at our remote village in the land of fairy tales.


After you've savoured the peace in our private paradise, you should leave the nest to explore all the emblematic places that make this land so magical. Medieval cities, iconic castles, and spectacular countryside landscapes are all waiting to be conquered. Whether you choose destinations within walking distance, the ones that are a short drive away, or the farther ones, you will most certainly savour the Transylvanian adventure. Raven's Nest is the perfect starting point of your journey to uncover the beautiful culture, the longstanding customs and the unique flavours of these lands.
Since we are close to the most amazing places, we will be happy to help you discover all the trips and adventures you can take in Transylvania.