Take one step on the mysterious lands of


and you will be charmed...

...by the perfect harmony betwen rural life and

by the breathtaking surroundings so rich in history, so

by the timelessness of the place, the cultural and natural heritage that is so unique.

In a world rushing to progress, this is the place to witness the perfect cohabitation of human and nature, long standing cultural traditions and authentic rural life, the magical place that not only inspired Bram Stock's Dracula, but has kept its own legends, ghost stories, fairy tales and myths alive.

With its pristine forests - home for the last wild European Brown bears, lynx and wolves, with its impressive flora, countless waterfalls, alpine meadows, numerous caves and natural springs, with its fresh, clean air, Transylvania is, beyond any doubt, the last great wilderness of Europe.


Walk on the tracks of some of the earliest civilizations, on one of the oldest territories of Europe. The ancient homeland of the Dacians, Transylvania has had a rich and restless history, going through different occupations - from Romans to Habsburgs - which all left traces still visible today, not only in the wonderful character of the Romanian people, but also in iconic cities, medieval castles and fortified churches that are worth visiting.