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Breathtaking photos from the Raven’s Nest, Transylvania

We are already familiar with the beautiful surroundings we get to see everyday, wherever we look. For our friends who aren’t as fortunate as us, here’s a selection of 8 breathtaking photos from the Raven’s Nest, Transylvania.

The sunrise at the Raven’s Nest


As the sun rises, a stunning view is revealed at your feet while you savour your coffee on the deck. The morning dew covers the velvety hills and a magical mist fills the whole valley. Birds singing their trills and the nearby waterfall rushing down the cliff break the silence of the night. Above the clouds, you can witness the nature waking up for a wonderful new day. Good morning at the Raven’s Nest!

The peaceful village


A peaceful air lays over the Raven’s Nest Village. The wind carries the fresh scent of the woods that surround us while we enjoy the perfect serenity.  The harmony, the peace and the positive energy covering the village makes any guest feel like they’ve arrived home.

Relaxing in the hammocks


Far away from the urban hustle, you may experience the absolute recreation by taking a break in the Hanging Meadow. Get comfortable in one of the hammocks from our shady grove and enjoy a book or an outdoor peaceful nap. The only sounds you’ll hear will be the rustling leaves, the birds chirping and the nearby waterfall rushing down the cliff.

The stunning Transylvanian landscapes


The mysterious paths from the Raven’s Nest will take their walkers to hidden places with wonderful views. At every step you take, observe the nature’s splendour and savour the breathtaking landscapes. Memorise the view of the grandiose mountains, the taste of the crystal clear water and the smell of the untainted forest. Make sure you take this memory along wherever future paths may take you.

Wonderful sunsets at the Raven’s Nest


When a day filled with adventures comes to an end, all you’ve got left to do is to enjoy the spectacular sunset. Get a glass of wine and follow the paths that lead to the deck, get comfortable and savour our daily show. As you’ll watch the sun going down, you’ll notice the night settling in and the stars showing up one by one. And as you’ll follow the paths to the village, the crickets’ show will begin, accompanying your walk back.

A good movie under the open sky


As you come down from the decks, a mysterious path will take you to our million stars cinema. Under the open sky, you’ll watch a movie with both old friends and new. Get comfortable and enjoy the soft breeze of the wind, in the silence of the night, where the lights of the sky never go off.

Peaceful nights at the Raven’s Nest

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Serenity is the one dominating the village even after the dark has settled in. The silence of the night is accompanied by the crickets’ nightly recital and the paths are lit up by fireflies. Savour the night’s calm under the open starry sky and fill your soul with peace.

Precious moments by the campfire


The nights at the Raven’s Nest always end highly. By the campfire, both old friends and new share a song, a story and a wish upon a shooting star. Good night at the Raven’s Nest!

You are welcome to join us any time to live the authentic experience yourself. We’ll be happy to host you, as you’ll live your own special moments and take your own breathtaking pictures at the Raven’s Nest.

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