Romanian Fairy Tales and Legends

The Legend of The Sun, The Moon and The Sunflower

The Sun and the Moon are known to be the King and Queen of the sky. What few remember, however, is their tumultuous love story and its sad ending. Discover the Legend of The Sun, The Moon and The Sunflower.

The Voiceless Princess

Many years ago, these lands were ruled by a brave and kind king. He was loved by his people and he had a good heart, but God gave him a heavy weight to carry. His favourite daughter, the most beautiful of the princesses was born voiceless.

The king was devastated, for his daughter was brilliant, brave and peerlessly beautiful. But, without a voice, no prince in the world would make her his wife.  The king begged to God for a cure, but He did not respond, and left him hopeless.

One day, out of the blue, a witch came at the King’s castle and demanded to see him, for she had a cure for the beautiful princess. The King did not believe in sorceries, but he was so desperate that he invited the witch in.

A kiss from the Sun

„My King” she said. „God might not have answered your prayers, but you see… There is a cure for your daughter’s illness”.

„What evil sorcery are you talking about?” he asked.

„You know the Prince of light, the Bright Sun. He is magic, my king. All she needs to do is to steal a kiss from the bright lord, and her voice will come out clear and beautiful as a bird’s song.”


The king knew he could not trust the witches, but he loved his daughter so much, he had to at least try. Therefore, that very day he called his most trustworthy people and demanded they organize a ball for the great lord of light.

They sacrificed thousands of pigs, they brought wine from the best wineries in the country and they prepared a feast like no one else had seen before. The good Sun was honoured to be invited at such a great ball and he came open hearted.

The Devil’s Touch

Meanwhile, the devil was cooking something evil. He went to visit the Moon, the Sun’s wife. Everybody in these lands knew that the Moon was a jealous soul, for she had the most charming husband in the world. The devil, knowing that she will become furious, told the Moon:

„Your Highness, how are you not mad when your beloved husband is marrying someone else?”

„What do you mean?” she jumped.

„Take a look yourself”, the devil said, pointing to the great feast at the Court.

There, the Moon saw her husband drinking and laughing with the King. There was dancing and singing and plenty of wine, it very much resembled a wedding. The music suddenly stopped, and the mute princess came in the ballroom. She was beautiful and young and she was looking at the Sun as he was her one and only chance to happiness. The princess threw herself at his feet and begged him from all her heart to give just a kiss.

The Revenge

After witnessing this scene, the Moon became very mad and her judgement very dark. Wrongfully thinking that her husband was marrying someone else, she threw lightning and thunder and a terrible spell that turned the princess into a flower resembling the Sun.

Fairly, the Sun was furious to see the evil that had been done. He took the flower and planted it on a field where he could always watch upon her. As for his wife, he threw her so far away in the night, making sure he’ll never have to see her again.

Many years have passed and the flower is now known as the Sun Flower. Even now, she still follows the sun, hoping she will be given a voice, clear and beautiful as a bird’s song.


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