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Best Things to do at the Raven’s Nest, Transylvania

If your adventure ever brings you to the Raven’s Nest, make sure you follow these simple, yet valuable, pieces of advice.

1. Enjoy the nature


Built in a stunning mountain scenery, Raven’s Nest is a genuine natural retreat. During your stay make sure to enjoy the alpine air, the cold water straight from its spring and the wonderful natural setting around us. A thick forest with wild roaming animals surrounds the village, like a shield sheltering the peace within. A carpet of flowers covers the velvety hills while the birds and butterflies liven up the breathtaking landscape. The wind only carries the fresh scent of the woods, the water is crystal clear and the whole nature feels alive.


2. Catch a sunset on the deck


The Eye of the Raven

After every great day, follow the hidden paths in our grove that lead to our private decks. There you can watch the sun set and the night settling in, with a stunning landscape unrolling at your feet. As the sun goes down, the sky grows darker and darker and million stars appear lighting up the valley. When the night’s reign starts, so does the crickets’ nightly recital and the fireflies’ watch over the paths. They’ll take you back to the village where, by the campfire, you’ll wish upon the shooting stars.

3. Explore

The wonderful land around us is waiting to be uncovered by ones who seek unique adventures. Just a short walk away, there’s a majestic waterfall that rushes down and flows into the legendary cave of the ancient Dacian God, Zamolxes. A rather adventurous hike away, you may see signs of the mighty Dragons’ long lost existence, as their cave or the gate to their fortress. And if you dare join the Transylvanian adventure, there are castles to conquer, medieval cities to be explore and countless natural wonders to uncover. You are welcome to discover them all, on our private, custom tours.

4. Listen to the stories

Sequence 6710

At the beginning of time, the mighty Dragons were the ones ruling over these lands. They are said to have vanished by God’s rage and the brave of the local men, only after they’d done so much evil. Sorcerers, vampires and ghosts have also lived in this fairytale place, as well as other mystical creatures that are said to be gone. They now only live in the stories told by the elders, at witching hour, by the fire.

5. Try our traditional meals


The Raven’s Nest has its inspiration in the old Transylvanian legends, in the traditions and long standing customs. Everything here is authentic: the 18-19 century buildings, the adornments and doubtless, the food. Here we cook by our forefathers’ old recipes, with only organic and additive-free ingredients, as they did back in the days. We serve archaic Transylvanian dishes in a traditional setting for a complete genuine experience.

6. Enjoy the outdoors


Stars Theater

Even though the houses are perfectly comfortable, we’d rather have our guests spending time outside. Get out and explore, or just sleep under the blue sky. Read a book while relaxing in one of the hammocks, or catch a movie at the outdoor cinema. Have an early coffee or a late glass of wine by the campfire.

And last, but not least, savour the peace at the Raven’s Nest. And take it along, wherever your journey may take you.

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