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Tips and hints for beginner hikers

We’re so glad you’re considering going on a hike to explore the natural beauties and enjoy the wonderful landscapes. However, before you start your trip, please have in mind this tips and hints for beginner hikers:

1. Pick an appropriate route

If you’re a beginner hiker, you might want to choose a rather easy first route. After you’ve gained some experience and some physical fitness, you can try more challenging ones, within your abilities. Before you leave on a mountain trail, make sure you do your research: check the map in advance to be sure that you are able to reach your destination.

There are several routes to follow starting from The Raven’s Nest. You can chose a relaxing walk to the waterfall nearby and the Cave of Zamolxe, the Dacian God. If you’re a rather experienced hiker, the Dragon’s Fortress with its old gate and cave are just an adventure away. Plenty of other hiking routes are to be discovered all around Transylvania and we are more than happy to show you around.

2. Pack your bag carefully


When you start packing your bag for the hike, before adding an item to your backpack ask yourself if you really need it. Leave out the useless make-up, extra clothes or shoes. It is better to use that space for important things, as water or food. For a pleasant experience, it’s crucial to carry a comfortable backpack.

If you’re spending the night at a cabin or in a tent, pack for chilly weather. Have in mind that at night, it might get really cold outside. Take along food for all the days you’re planning to spend on route, and maybe even a little extra, just in case.

3. Drink plenty of water

You’re going to make a great physical effort, especially if the hiking route is a rather adventurous one, so you’ll need plenty of water. On your way, keep an eye out for springs with fresh, cold water, to refill your bottles. Even if you are very thirsty, make sure you take small sips. Otherwise, you’re stomach will be overfilled and the hike will become more difficult.

4. Take it slow

Remember to take plenty of breaks on your way, to rest, relax and most of all, to enjoy the surroundings. Drink water, have a snack and take a minute to acknowledge all the wonders around you. Remember you’re there to savour the beauty of nature, and not to win a marathon.

5. Pack a snack

For all that effort and fresh air you need extra energy, for sure. Pack an energizing snack like a sandwich with plenty of meat or chocolate and protein bars. Take short breaks for snacks and make sure you don’t overeat.

6. Respect the nature


You are always welcome in the heart of the nature, as long as you respect the environment. Never leave you garbage behind, no matter what. After you’ve finished eating or drinking, pick up the remaining wrappers or bottles and take them with you, until you find a garbage bin. Under no circumstances should you light up a fire in the woods, or anywhere else but in the designated places. Even though picking up flowers for you dear one is a sweet gesture, try not to. There’s a chance you’ll break rare species, protected by law.

7. Choose appropriate clothing

When you leave on a hike, make sure your clothing is comfortable. You should have rain clothes on you, because at higher altitudes the weather is rapidly changing. Wear long pants rather than shorts to avoid scratches or snake bites.

8. Wear good boots


It is crucial to choose appropriate shoes for you trip. Under no circumstances should you wear slippers, flats, sneakers or heeled shoes. The boots must be tall and strong enough to support your ankle and protect your foot, and it would help if they were waterproof. The sole should be made of thick knobbly rubber and the heel should be clearly defined. They’ll keep you from slipping, getting wet and most important, hurting your feet.

9. Pack a flash light

Even though you’re not planning to spend the night, pack a flash light, just in case. It might get dark while you’re still on route or you might find a cave you’ll want to explore.

10. Stay on the marked route

For your safety, stick to the route you’ve chosen and try not to wander in the wilderness. You might get lost, you could arrive in dangerous areas or you may even meet a wild animal.

Transylvania’s mountains hide numerous caves, waterfalls, rushing rivers and thick untainted forests that shelter wild animals such as European Brown Bears, lynx, deer, boars, foxes and wolves. Getting lost, falling or being attacked by a wild roaming animal are few of the dangers that you might encounter if you get off the marked route.

Our hosts at Raven’s Nest will gladly guide you on the both easy and difficult hiking routes in Transylvania. We’ll be happy to help pick the right route and the appropriate equipment and we’ll be at your service with all the information you may need.

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