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Transylvanian superstitions regarding food

For an authentic culinary experience, at Raven’s Nest we cook after archaic recipes inherited from our forefathers. We’ve set up a traditional menu, inspired from the local long standing customs, legends and beliefs. However, for a complete genuine experience, there are a few superstitions you should know before you dine in Transylvania.

Transylvanian superstitions regarding meals


  1. Be very careful when you take your seat! If you are single, you should never sit at the corner of the table, for you will never get married.
  2. If two women pour the tea from the same kettle, one of them will soon get pregnant.
  3. Be careful while playing with the matches, for the girl who accidently spills them will get married soon.
  4. Cut an apple in two halves and count the seeds to find out exactly how many children you will have.
  5. For your mother in law to like you, you must eat the corner of the bread.
  6. Never leave food on your plate, or you will be cursed to have an ugly husband.
  7. If you eat straight from the pot and not from your plate like everyone else, it will rain on your wedding day.
  8. Finding two yolks in an egg is a clear sign of a wedding very soon. A yolkless egg, however, is a really bad sign.


Bad luck

  1. A whole in the bread symbolises a coffin and it announces the death of someone close.
  2.  Setting the knife on the table with the blade facing up brings a dispute, while dropping it on the floor announces the visit of a man.
  3. Be very careful when you slice the bread, because cutting it at both ends is really bad luck.
  4. Entering a home while the residents are eating is a sign that you’ll have an evil mother in law.
  5. It is crucial to slash a cross on the bread before baking it to be sure the devil won’t touch it.
  6. Helping someone to reach the salt is like leading him to evil.
  7. The rosemary has the power to chase away the witches and the evil spirits. Parsley must be planted and eaten for fertility, but it should never be given as a gift.
  8. Pouring water in glasses that aren’t empty is a sign that your children will be stuttered.
  9. Returning the borrowed salt brings bad luck to both sides.


Everyday lore

  1. The important feasts, such as weddings, funerals or religious celebrations, start with a short prayer. Nobody eats until the priest or the head of the house “hallows” the food.
  2.  Spilling sugar or salt on the table announces a dispute, while spilling the wine is a good sign.
  3. If the soup you’re eating is extra salted, the cook must be in love.
  4. Dropping a fork on the floor announces the visit or phone call of a woman.
  5. Dropping a spoon on the floor announces the visit of a child.
  6. Have no worries if you break a glass, for the glass chips are thought to bring you luck.
  7. If you find bubbles in your coffee, you will soon receive money.
  8. You must crumble the eggshell after you’ve eaten eat it, or else an evil sorcerer will gather them all and build herself a boat to travel and create storms in the whole world.


Have no worries, though, for we are certain that evil avoids the ones who come in peace. Nothing bad will happen, nor will you remain unmarried. Your mother in law will be lovely and you’ll have as many children as you wish. If you must, however, you may spill some wine for good luck. Not too much, though, for wasting the great wines we serve at the Raven’s Nest would be a real shame.

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