The Romanian Legend of the wine

author: Raluca Tirnovean
date: October 24, 2016

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Those who arrive at the Raven’s Nest have the chance to savour our authentic Romanian wines. Served either with a stunning view on the deck, or late at night by the campfire, each glass of wine bears unforgettable stories.

The following is the legend of the wine, to remember for the memorable glasses of wine that are yet to come.

The legend of the Wine Few still remember, but many years ago, at the beginning of time, God took a day to create all the trees in the world. He made them tall and imposing and they were all very proud of their leaves, flowers and fruits.

Their branches were reaching the blue sky as their leaves were pampered by the warm rays of the sun. Some still remember the strong, tall, oak saying “I am the king of the trees, for I have the hardest wood of them all”. Such pride had the walnut tree in his unique fruits and his majestic height. And the cherry tree, with its flowers and fruits! Even the rose, so small and thin, had his beautiful flowers to show off. Every tree in the world had something beautiful to show off, except one: the vine. Spring came and while others were in blossom, the vine stood humble and thin, sad for having nothing special to give. “God, she said, why make so weak while others are so strong? Why make me so small while others are so tall? Why make me so ugly while others have such beautiful flowers?” But little did the vine know about God’s plans. He soon sent a good man who picked her up, watered her, groomed her up and helped it climb up. Others were losing their flowers, but the vine was growing up beautifully.

When autumn came, the other trees had lost all their leaves and their fruits, but the vine was burdened with grapes. The good man picked them all and out of them, he made the tastiest liquor in the world. February and the wine Just like the year has 12 months, the good man had twelve sons: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December. He was poor, but he had his sons and he loved them deeply. The wine he’d made was his only wealth, and he was to share it fairly between his beloved sons. With a small piece of charcoal, he marked the wine barrel, so each of them would know when they’d finished their share.

February was the youngest of them all, so his share was the last one marked on the barrel, at the bottom. While the other brothers were planning to keep the wine for important celebrations, February decided to drink his. Every day he’d drink a few cups of wine and that made him very happy. One day, seeing how happy February was, January decided to have a taste of his wine. But when he went into the basement, where the barrel was, he found it to be empty. Furious, he gathered the rest of the brothers and they started chasing February to make him pay. They caught him several times, but each time he cried so bad, his brothers had to let him go. And every time he’d escape, he would kill himself laughing. This was what inspired the elders to name the second month of the year of February. Like him, it is the smallest month of the year and its days are both cold and warm, quickly changing like February was the day his brothers chased him.

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