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Dear guests,

In response to the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to follow the latest advice and recommendations from the Romanian Strategic Communication Group, the Romanian Ministry of Health, and the World Health Organization (WHO). For up-to-date information and further details, please refer to the WHO.

The safety and security of our guests and employees remain our highest priority. We are doing everything we can to ensure your travel safety and provide maximum flexibility as the situation around the new Corona Virus (COVID-19) continues to evolve.

If you’re traveling from other countries check the travel recommendation as well as https://www.mae.ro/en/travel-alerts

We have also implemented increased measures for the cleaning and sanitation of “The Hidden Village” based on the procedures prepared in compliance with all official recommendations and those of specialists. According to the MEEMA Order no. 1731/832/2020 regarding the prevention of contamination with the new SARS CoV-2 virus and the progress of activities in a safe environment during the state of alert, the following measures will be observed:


Hotel staff member will strictly adhere to the basic measures for protection against COVID-19, such as:

  • hand hygiene;
  • physical distancing;
  • keeping away from touching the eyes, nose, and mouth;
  • follow the recommendation to stay at home and seek medical attention from the general practitioner if there are symptoms of coronavirus;

What we’ve done:

  • We have installed all the necessary protective equipment for employee and guest convenience, such as masks, dispensers with hand sanitizers;
  • We are closely monitoring relevant incidents, such as requests for medical examination or cases of high temperature;
  • The restaurant is opened for outdoor service only;

Guest rooms:

  • enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols of the rooms, with special focus on high touch areas; 
  • the rooms and public areas are thoroughly cleaned;

Please note the following when booking:

 Inside the property

  • As long as legislation requires it mandatory, in closed public areas, wear a protective mask;
  • Follow the updated information on health and safety measures;
  • Avoid travel if any specific symptom of COVID-19 occur;
  • As long as legislation requires it mandatory, we will monitor the temperature of all the guests, using touchless thermo-scanning;
  • The hotel staff will permanently promote the measures of physical distance, wearing a mask, hands cleaning and respiratory hygiene etiquette;

Cancellation Policy

If you are thinking about placing a reservation, know that: you can only do it on our website for now under a non-refundable policy. 


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