Before arriving at us, please allow yourself a few minutes to read the following rules, information and recommendations. be a guest in the mountains, at Raven’s Nest, for a pleasant experience and make this place a safe and welcoming one.


Living in nature has its charm, but also its inherent risks, that by the option expressed to benefit from our services you declare to take, as follows:

By making a reservation, you declare that you have become aware of the following:

  • the existence on the property of two Romanian Shepherds Carpatini, Zia and Geta, and a Romanian Raven Shepard Dog, Buzudgan, who are usually free and comfortable with the surroundings.
  • that there may be interactions with wildlife, insects (including ticks), snakes (including venom, vipers), poisonous vegetation that may at any time enter or exist  or be present on the property, 

and that by attending Raven’s Nest you fully assume any risks regarding these issues.

You also state that you became aware of Raven’s Nest’s policy of serving alcoholic beverages and of the ban on drinking outside the resort. 


The rooms are cleaned every day, and the sheets and towels are changed after two or three nights.

If you need clean sheets or towels earlier, please hang the appropriate sign on the door, outside or pass it directly to a person in the bar/restaurant crew, before 16:00.

Towels or other objects used in the spa, you will find them in that area, and please leave them there, in the space indicated, upon departure.

For hot water, please allow it to flow for a few minutes, as the water flows through long pipelines until it reaches the rooms, so it may take a few minutes until it warms up. 

The sauna and jacuzzi (ciubăr) are heated with wood and/or electric stoves and are placed outside. If the weather conditions or other reasons of technical nature do not allow the spa area to function properly, the two facilities will be closed. Also, please do not try to operate the jacuzzi or sauna in any way, and if you need assistance, contact a member of our team immediately.

We have prepared 3 projection zones: in the curb “The Shadow of Prince Charming”, in the forest, at the “Theater under the stars” and in the restaurant “The dragon’s layer”. Raven`s Nest doesn’t have (yet) a collection of movies/documentaries, but you can come with a movie of your choice or look for one together. Please express your interest in watching movies by email, after confirming the reservation. To watch a movie, it takes 8 people – don’t worry, there are certainly more to be found.

If you are in one of those days when all you want to do is relax in a hammock, you can do it during your stay with us, in the areas created specifically for it. Please do not change their location – the forest in which they are located is relatively young, so only some trees allow us to install hammocks.

Because nothing can replace sitting around the campfire, under the stars, we invite you to take advantage of this activity during your stay. Please tell us early in the day that you want a campfire to be arranged, in order to give us some preparation time – generally, we start it on demand, after serving dessert for dinner, in the hope that rain or other weather phenomena will not hinder us.

Once you sent us the preliminary information form, we will prepare the meals you opted for, according to your mentions and they will be included in the final note, whether you actually serve them or not. In order to avoid food waste and to support our efforts towards sustainability and nature protection, please follow this rule: If you have changed your mind about meals, you will need to notify us at least 48 hours in advance. 

As for the children’s tables at Raven’s Nest, we have already become accustomed to the little ones who may have a different diet than an adult, which is why we ask you to let us know in advance that you are bringing a child or more in the “gang” and tell us what you think they would prefer to eat during the stay.

As I mentioned above, Raven`s Nest is the home of two Romanian Shepherd Carpathians, Zia and Geta, and a Romanian Raven Shepherd, Buzudgan, who are usually free. Their presence here is essential for the guard, as we are in an isolated place, surrounded by forest, where large wild animals (bears, wolves, laughter, wild boars) live. Please make sure that you and those accompanying you are comfortable with this aspect before you arrive.

Access to beverages from outside is strictly prohibited in the Raven’s Nest. We do not serve alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age. 

The water at Raven`s Nest comes directly from the mountain spring located on the site, a spring on which Raven’s Nest does not carry out periodic quality tests and as such we don’t guarantee its quality as “drinking water”. However, in the situation where our guests assume the risk of drinking it, we inform you that over time there have been no complaints or complaints regarding its quality. 

As regards personal property, it is your responsibility to ensure that your personal property is secure at all times. Raven’s Nest accepts no liability for loss, theft, or damage suffered by your property, unless it has been handed over to you by a member of our team, for the purpose of being safely stored during your absence.

The comfort and safety of our guests are very important to us, so please treat our customers, employees, residents, and property with respect. Those who, in the opinion of the employees, compromise the comfort or safety of the other guests, employees, or residents will be asked to leave the property and will not receive a refund.

If you are traveling with children, please make sure that they are under the supervision of an adult at all times, that they behave well and respect the privacy and comfort of other guests.

Also, please use headphones if you want to listen to your music in any space. Don’t forget to take advantage of the silence.

Operating drones on Raven`s Nest private property is forbidden. Any violation of this rule will automatically result in penalties from both the property and the authorities, except where there is an authorization to operate the drone issued by the Romanian authorities and an express agreement from Raven’s Nest.

Hours and rates of restaurant and bar “The dragon’s layer”:

Breakfast (included in room rate): 9.00-11.00 AM

Lunch (17EUR / person): 1.30 – 3.00 PM

Dinner (20EUR / person): 7.30 – 9.00 PM

* bar is open until 12:00 AM

** the prices will be paid in lei at the BNR exchange rate from the date of invoice



Free Internet via Wi-Fi anywhere on the property – due to the remote location, the internet may suffer interruptions caused by storms, technical difficulties or objective factors caused by the location of the resort.

Toiletries hot tub and sauna




Library / Games

Prize European 220V



Wheelchair access

Laundry laundry


Refrigerator / Mini-bar in the room


Additional warning:

Before you arrive, keep in mind that you are in a mountain area, therefore, equip yourself properly (suitable footwear, raincoat, water container, for hiking, etc.).

Hydrate yourself. Drink enough water.

Protect your skin. Use sunscreen creams.

Use insect protection products. There may be ticks in the area.

Do not deviate from the paths both inside the village and in the surroundings, because in the Apuseni Mountains there are vipers.



For directions on how to reach us, please use the Waze or Google Maps applications, with the destination “Raven’s Nest Transylvania”. If you come on the European road E81, DO NOT turn left into Teiuș, cross the city Teiuș and continue to Aiud, then turn left towards Buru; at the exit of Buru, cross the Arieș river and turn left, direction Campeni – Sălciua – Raven’s Nest Transylvania.

Road condition: from Sălciua village, turn left on a narrow street with houses, located opposite to the City Hall, where you will cross a bridge, then a larger concrete bridge. Here you will find a fork; you must go all the way, slightly to the right;

DO NOT go up to the sign indicating Sub Piatră / Monastery / Huda Cave. You will climb the asphalt road, on the crest of the mountain, about 5 km. With 1.5 km before reaching it, the road will be made of stone. The road is narrow but practicable. At the inside of the property, there is a barrier. * Please respectfully do not force the barrier – it can only be opened by one of our team members, as it is triggered by a phone call. *


Please call us at the number we send you in the email booking confirmation.

The last 400 m are on a slope, but the road is semi-paved and can be easily climbed; Our recommendation for beginners is to drive first, at 20 km / h, without stopping, until you see a gate, wait for it to open if you have not already done so and knock on the gates. accommodation house; after unloading the luggage, the car will be parked safely, outside the gates, in the marked parking lots. 


Please feel free to write to us if you have any questions. 

In case you need assistance from us, we are at your disposal.





Access to the property is permitted from 1:30 pm on the first day of accommodation. The rooms can be occupied starting at 3:00 pm. 

Check-in will only be done on the basis of an identification document: ID, passport, or driving license. In the absence of an identity document, the reservation will be canceled and access on the property will not be allowed, Raven’s Nest assuming no responsibility for any damages thus suffered. 

After 22:00 hours it is no longer possible to check-in, the reserved room will be available only the next day starting at 9 AM.

The room must be cleared out by 11:00 on the check-out date, and the access and presence on the property are allowed until at the latest at 15:00 on the day of departure. 

At the accommodation, you will receive a key for your room and a card for the door. Please take care of them or you can choose to leave them in our care if you go hiking. The sanction for their loss or damage is the payment of damages in the amount of:

  • 100 ron for each key in the room 
  • 100 ron for each lock 
  • 100 ron for each card.


Inside the property, you will not find wheelchair access, laundry, TV, fridge / mini-bar in the room.


All reservations are subject to availability and Raven’s Nest has the right to refuse any reservation, without restrictions, without compensation, in a discretionary manner. 




The cancellation policy applicable by Raven’s Nest is, in principle, non-refundable. 


In exceptional cases the costs of the reservation will be transferred to a voucher to be used according to its regulations: 


  • Objective impossibility of obtaining the visa for entering the territory of Romania and the cancellation of the reservation with a minimum of 20 days before the date of the first day of accommodation 


In any other conditions, Raven’s Nest will not refund the money paid for the reservations made. 




Given the actual location of our resort, Raven’s Nest disclaims any and all liability with respect to any case of objective impossibility of operating the resort, to provide the necessary utilities, in any event of accident or force majeure that would affect our capability to provide these services for our guests. The parties qualify as a case of force majeure any external event that leads to the impossibility of full or partial functioning of the resort, including, but not limited to extreme weather events, floods, riots, epidemics or pandemics, war, any measures of local authorities or plants that prohibit or limit the operation of the resort. 

Raven’s Nest will not be liable for any current, eventual, or future damages that did not result from its sole fault.




Filling out the request regarding the meals to be served at Raven’s Nest and any special mentions represent a firm order and guests will be required to pay full price, which will be included in the final payment note, even in the situation in which they do not show up for the meal service or refuse to serve them: 

– for lunch (19 EUR / person): between the hours: 1.30 PM – 3.00 PM

– for dinner (20 EUR / person): between the hours: 7.30 PM – 9.00 PM

* the bar is open until 12:00 AM


It is possible to cancel the meals without any cost, only if you do so at least 48 hours before the day for which the order is canceled. 

The consumption of food purchased outside the Raven’s Nest resort is forbidden. The sanction for violation of the prohibition consisted in paying the equivalent of all the meals related to the days of accommodation, respectively of 37 EUR / day/person. 




Raven’s Nest holds its own bar license and complies with the legal provisions applicable to the serving of alcoholic beverages. 

We do not serve alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age.

Alcoholic beverages are served at the bar until 12:00 AM. 

It is strictly prohibited to bring and consume alcohol from outside Raven’s Nest. The consumption of alcoholic beverages from outside Raven’s Nest in the Raven’s Nest (houses, relaxation areas, courtyard, ETC restaurant) will be sanctioned with the immediate cancellation of reservations and the payment of compensation equal to the value of the entire stay booked, with the termination of the service contract and with the removal from the property of the persons who violated this prohibition, without any reimbursement of the amounts already paid. 




Any payment which has not been made in advance will be made in cash at the time of check-in or with one of the Master Card or Visa for which the identity card of the holder must be presented. Payment by American Express, Diners Club, other types of cards, checks or holiday vouchers is not possible.

If the identity of the card holder used for the payment is different from the person appearing as the holder of the reservation in our system, it is necessary to present us with the identity card of the cardholder used. Otherwise, the payment can be made exclusively in cash or with a card of the reservation holder. 

For any payment made at Raven’s Nest, a receipt will be issued which you are obliged to keep until you leave the property. Upon request, invoices will be issued for the amounts paid to Raven’s Nest. 

Payment for the additional accommodation services and services provided during the stay will be made at the time of check-out, unless the parties have agreed differently. 




Raven’s Nest is located in a mountainous area, so it is addressed to people who are familiar with the specific activities, complications and risks characteristic of the landscape. 

The relaxation areas within Raven’s Nest are: sauna, wooden jacuzzi (ciubăr), 3 projection areas and the hammock areas. Additionally, at the request of the guests, we will make preparations for a campfire in the courtyard of our resort. 

These relaxation activities are facilitated by Raven’s Nest for their guests depending on availability, physical training of guests, weather conditions, as well as any other reasonable criteria regarding the safety of the activities. For clarity, we inform you that Raven’s Nest does not guarantee in any way by entering into an accommodation contract and / or catering services access to these activities, given that there are many factors that can prevent us from making such arrangements. 




Any attempt to operate the bar or sauna by the guests is prohibited. In any case, it is mandatory to request the assistance of the Raven’s Nest staff. Any infringement is sanctioned by the payment of a penalty payment of 100 EUR and any damages caused. 

It is forbidden to move any hammock already installed in our location. It is also forbidden for the guests to install their own hammocks. Any violation leads to the application of a pecuniary sanction in the amount of 100 EUR and payment of any damages produced. 




Raven’s Nest philosophy is to respect and embrace nature. However, access to pets on the Raven`s Nest premises is strictly forbidden, taking into account all aspects indicated by these terms and conditions. 

Smoking is prohibited on Raven’s Nest premises, except for specially designed smoking areas. Smoking inside the houses or at a distance of fewer than 10 m from any of them is penalized with a penalty of 50 EUR. Also, throwing cigarettes, snowshoes or garbage outside the specially arranged places on the Raven’s Nest property entails the application of a financial penalty of 50 EUR. 

In addition, we would like to remind you that failure to comply with these obligations can be a contravention and will also be sanctioned by the competent bodies. 

The use of drones on the private property of Raven`s Nest is prohibited. Any violation of this prohibition will automatically lead to the application of legal sanctions by the authorities, and the guest will be invited out of the resort, as well as obliged to pay a financial sanction amounting to 500 EUR. Exceptions to this prohibition imply the existence of an authorization to operate the drone issued by the Romanian authorities in favor of the guest and to obtain an express agreement regarding the making of video material from Raven’s Nest.

Raven’s Nest expressly disclaims any and all liability regarding the quality of drinking water of the spring from which the resort is fuelled, which cannot be constantly tested. 

Raven’s Nest assumes no liability for any interaction with wildlife, insects, snakes, which may enter the property or poisonous vegetation. Guests expressly assume their duty to be vigilant and confirm that they have been notified of the existence of these types of hazards, specific to mountain areas. 

Raven’s Nest is not liable for any loss, theft, or damage suffered by the guests while staying at the resort.

Raven’s Nest does not provide storage services for the guests’ personal belongings.

Any person present on the Raven’s Nest property is liable for any damage caused to the property, representatives, staff or other guests, and will be obliged to repair the damages he/she has caused, in full, in accordance with the applicable laws.


For the safety of the guests, the staff, and the integrity of the resort, in case of breach of the contractual provisions or the rules of Raven’s Nest resort or if any person has inappropriate behavior, is in a state of intoxication, presents an aggressive behavior, disturbs the other guests or/and refuse to comply with the rules, that person’s access to the resort will be immediately restricted and will be invited to leave or be escorted from the premises, the contract with Raven’s Nest will be terminated and he/she will be obliged to pay financial penalties in the amount of 250 EUR. 



We reserve the right, at any time, to modify, alter, or update these Rules and regulations, without prior notice. You are encouraged to check our website regularly for any changes. Modifications will become effective one day upon being posted to our website, without further notice to you. Your continued use of our services after such modifications are posted constitutes your acknowledgment and acceptance of such modifications.

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